Wizard driven UI

Backups, Migration, Replication and Restore setup is guided by a Wizard style interface. Making a complex task as simple as possible.

Backup Flexibility

You have the choice of any Windows accessible locations or any location accessible via the Hypervisor, such as CIFS, NFS, Storage Repositories, and custom defined mount points.

Easy VM Migration

Migrate machines between Pools, Hypervisors locally or remotely regardless of hardware compatibility. Automatically shutdown, migrate, start-up and optionally delete makes the process super easy.

Fast Replications

Keep synchronised replications of your VMs on another hypervisor. Differential replication ensures only the changes in a VM are transferred reducing "replication lag" and saving replication time.

Easy Restore

Restore an entire VM machine with a few clicks, or extract just a single file from a previous backup. Virtual Machines can be restored from Windows accessible network locations or hypervisor accessible locations such as CIFS/NFS and Storage Repositories.

Scheduled Jobs

Schedule your Backups, Migrations and Replications to runs whenever you like. Your Jobs will run int the background, without the need to open the UI. Schedule jobs can send an email to report on their completion status, keeping you informed at all times.

Detailed History

Comprehensive historical detail every time a Job runs. Duration, Rate, Size, Status and more can be viewed for each Job and VM.

Highly Configurable

Many aspects of how you use Xackup are configurable. Create presets for hypervisors and Backup locations to save time when defining jobs.


Wizard Driven Configuration
Easy Migration
Advanced Monitoring
Simple Restores
Schedule your Jobs
Historical Information
Avoid Disaster