Version 1.1.13 (Stable)

  • Fixed ‘Intervals’ in the Scheduler.
  • Fixed locations for Differential Backups
  • Fixed connection to CIFS Shares via XenServer controlled backup.

Version 1.1.11

  • Fixed an issue where Scheduled kept entering the ‘Paused’ state after running through the Job Wizard. (Again)
  • Resolved an issue where Disk might not dismount
  • Resolved an issue where some characters in VM names could cause a XenServer controlled backup to fail.

Version 1.1.7

  • Fix a few bugs
  • Made browsing for Mount points/Storage Repositories easier
  • Fixed some issues caused by XenServer 7.0 when migrating between servers. See Migration Notes below.
    • Migration Notes
    • Direct Migration from XenServer 7.0 to 7.0 is likely to fail. Use Non-Direct option as a work-around.
    • Direct Migration from XenServer 7.0 to 6.5 and below will fail. Only a Backup and separate restore will work around this.
    • Non Direct Migration XenServer 7.0 to 6.5 and below will fail. Only a Backup and separate restore will work around this.
    • Fungusware believes these issues are a fault in XenServer 7.0.

Version 1.1.6

  • Fixed ugly Restore Bug

Version 1.1.5

  • Fixed issue trying to restore .master files from differential backups
  • Better testing of NFS / SR / CIFS and Mounts in XenServer controlled Backups
  • Handling of corrupted Performance Counters in Windows
  • ‘Extract’ Utility now features a ‘Merge’ for generating XVA files from Differential Master and Diff Files.
  • Extended Filters features to also search Tags and Descriptions
  • UI changes to quickly navigate large groups of jobs.
  • Now built on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Version 1.1.1 (Stable)

  • UI enhancements to display attributes of a job.
  • Moved job storage to a new (more stable platform)
  • Lots of under the hood changes to enable easier changes in the future
  • Import/Export will now include schedule information

Version 1.0.99

  • If you’re still having issues with Jobs going missing, give this version a  try.
  • Resolved the ‘Unable to Compare‘ error that could occur when clicking on ‘Migration’ in the User Interface.
  • Made the difference between Migration transfer types clearer.
  • Fixed an issue where HTTPS Migration were failing.
  • Fixed an issue showing progress when using Direct Migration method.
  • Fixed an issue with mapping networks during Migration.

Version 1.0.93

  • Added feature to customize backup locations with Group Name, VM Name, Time, Date etc Tokens.
  • Fixed issue that might cause Scheduled Task to stop running after editing a Job.
  • Fixed (we believe) and issue that caused Jobs to disappear after a few runs on German Windows.
  • Fixed issue where completion emails wee being send encrypted by mistake.
  • Fixed issue where newly created jobs might disappear or fail to run.
  • Fixed a few issues that occurred while browsing backups in SFTP locations.

Version 1.0.89

  • Fixed .88 Bug where Scheduled Start Time was missing
  • Fixed .88 Bug causing Advanced Compression to fail.
  • Added option to only send Email on Errors
  • A few GUI updates.
  • Safer Job handling to avoid possible corruption of Job files.
  • Network and Device failures during backup will now attempt to retry a number of time before aborting.
  • Snapshot only and Backup jobs will no longer interfere with each other.

Version 1.0.87

  • Allowed easy renaming of Jobs.
  • Added ability to group Jobs in the list.
  • Added the option to compress a VM BEFORE it leaves the XenServer thus reducing the amount of data sent over the network.
  • Restoration of backups that may have been created with Checksum errors now have a higher chance of restoring correctly.
  • Fixes for direct Server to Server migrations.
  • Fixed an issue where some commands in the right click menu in the jobs list weren’t enabled the first time the menu opened.
  • Fixed the case where excluding disks from a running machine would be left around after a snapshot was removed, causing orphaned VDIs.

Version 1.0.85

  • Fixed Restore percentage bar jumping straight to 100%
  • Added support for newer version of XDelta3 Differencing tool
  • XDelta3 x64 will be used in 64 Bit Environments
  • Fixed bug regarding browsing for Work Path whilst restoring

Version 1.0.83

  • Fixed missing dependency in File Level Restore
  • Fixed mixing of Migration/Backup jobs in the Migration List

Version 1.0.82

  • Initial version of File level restore for Xackup archives.

Version 1.0.81

  • Fix for passwords containing & , @ and ? when connecting to CIFS/ SRs and Mount points.
  • Improved historical data, logging and UI design.
  • Toggle Scheduled status of multiple Jobs.
  • Start and monitor multiple Jobs at a time.
  • Run multiple Restore Tasks at a time.
  • Color coding on Jobs indicates failed items.

Version 1.0.79 BETA

  • Fixed issue of “Value cannot be NULL” when running a job that had not been edited in the BETA version.
  • A few changes to the Job History which are still in progress. More change will be made available soon.

Version 1.0.78 BETA

  • Built with XenServer 6.5 SDK for 100% compatibility with the new XenServer
  • HUGE! New feature to exclude some disks from the Backup.

Version 1.0.77

  • Changed Migration code so that no data flows through the machine hosting Xackup. Provides greater than 120% speed improvement. Old method is available in emergencies.
  • UI Improvements.

Version 1.0.76

  • Added option to Activate the software without the host machine requiring an internet connection.
  • Fixed error where Migration Job were not updated until the program was restarted.
  • Changes to the Main UI areas. This allows better resizing to fit more Jobs/Jobs information on the screen at once. Still subject to change.
  • Improved control of Restore Wizard to stop users accidentally closing the screen too early.
  • Added ‘sr-scan’ to clean up code to try and force XenServer to clean up its SR’s
  • Reduced the amount of data shown in the Job Details chart.
  • Added time estimates when processing where possible.
  • Added some debug information for user experiencing locked jobs when running scheduled tasks.

Version 1.0.72

  • Emails about failed Jobs will be sent with High Importance
  • If Leaf Coalesce fails, an attempt will be made to Resume the VM. Some VMs were being left in a ‘Suspended’ State.
  • Manually unlock Jobs via the UI.
  • Switched to using version 6.4 of the XenServer API, will lead to support of XenServer 6.5 when it is released.


Version 1.0.71

  • Import and Export of Jobs.
  • Change Job storage Location.
  • Fixed Pre Retention bug in Snapshot Only backups.
  • Added SSL Option for Email
  • Fixed crash when setting Schedule Job time out on Windows 2003/XP machines
  • Added possible work around for error when creating jobs on Windows XP.
  • Historical Run Information. This is very helpful for those of you trying to optimize your network throughput.

sun (domain controller) - sun - Remote Desktop Connection 2014-09-15 09.56.25 Multi Machine Statisitics

 Version 1.0.68

  • Fixed missing error message when trying to connect to CIFS/NFS and there was a problem.
  • Fixed issue with some clients receiving errors when loading schedules.

Version 1.0.66

  • Better handling file time stamping to fix errors with some regional formatting.
  • Option to choose between 2 different backup/restore copy methods. Some configurations were working faster with the older method, some with the new.
  • Increased screen real estate.
  • Ability to control the Execution time limit of Scheduled Tasks.
  • Fixed odd issue with failures occurring during differential file creation.
  • Xackup will now attempt to connect to Pool Slaves if the connection to the Master Fails, under the assumption one of those Slaves may have become a Master.
  • Updated logging features to provide better support in times of trouble.
  • Can now choose between VMs/Templates or both in the machines selection page.

Version 1.0.63

  • Fixed issue with saving jobs on some new installs. Missing ‘Jobs’ folder is now created correctly.

Version 1.0.62

  • Refined the features for the VM Filters
  • Improved loading, saving of Job data to deal with overlapping Scheduled Jobs (should stop Job results from overwriting each other)
  • Ability to Pause a Schedule
  • UI Improvements

Version 1.0.61

  • VMs can be specified by a Filter,rather then a static selection.  i.e   *Debian* to backup all VMs with ‘Debian’ in the name.
  • Added sorting in the VM list
  • Reduced the time for XenServer controlled backups using compression.
  • Updated processing information screen. For those that like to watch.
  • Progress information for long running ‘Differential’ file creation.
  • New installer that should clear up any updating issues experienced in the past.
  • Removed backup/migrate progress from the Log File.
  • Email ports above 30000 are now allowed.
  • Support for Default email recipients.
  • Xackup will now monitor the space available on the XenServer during XenServer controlled backups and will abort if the free space drops below 90%. This is safety mechanism to avoid bad mounts causing servers to go offline.

Version 1.0.59

  • Fixed Retention clean up for Migrations and Replications
  • Added some extra Schedule information the Job lists

Version 1.0.58

  • Fixed missing Shutdown/Delete/Start options screen in Migrations

Version 1.0.57

  • Fixed an issue causing a session timeout in some backups
  • Changed from TAR/BZip2 based compression to GZip. This should help those of you that were having issues restoring your backups made in ‘XenServer’ controlled mode.
  • Made the restore from the old TAR/BZip2 .xackup files more robust.
  • Fixed the ‘ Value was either too large or too small for a Decimal.’ Error that occurred for certain machines when running on 32 Bit Windows
  • Added separate user names for XenServer HTTP and SSH logins for users that had the setup.
  • Other minor UI fixes and improvements.

Version 1.0.56

  • Changed the way data transferred resulting in more accurate transfer rates and slight faster Backups.
  • Added option the preserve MAC addresses during Restore or Migration.
  • Can perform Retention before processing starts, to further reduce disk space requirements.
  • Added more scheduling options for repeating Jobs on regular basis. Particularly hourly tasks.
  • Some nice UI improvements for those who like to watch the Backup/Restore/Migration progress.
  • CD/DVD Media will be ejected prior to snapshotting to avoid ‘Cannot Remove Snaphot’ errors the XenServer gives.

Version 1.0.55

  • Fixed possible bug when restoring from a compressed Backup file using XenServer controlled restore (NFS/CIFS/SR etc)

Version 1.0.54

  • Fixed Corrupted file created by installer! Leading to Start up issues on new machines.

Version 1.0.53

  • Fixed removal of Schedules when deleting a Job
  • Added more log information when Compression fails on XenServer controlled backups
  • Added option for Retention of Migrations as requested by some users.
  • Locations should now be remembered for use in the future, saves typing CIFS and NFS paths all the time.

Version 1.0.51

  • Fixed issue of VM Retention when using Server base exports.
  • Fixed issue of not deleting temporary machines when performing a Migration
  • Re-engineered CIFS/NFS/SR and Mount selection options.
  • Added ability to select individual Network mappings for a restored machine.
  • Internal efficiency changes

Version 1.0.46

  • Made stepping through Wizards easier, ‘Next’ will automatically test the server connection.
  • Added Compression to XenServer based backups (note: this causes extra load on your XenServer)
  • Added options to restore from XenServer accessible CIFS, NFS, Mounted File System and Storage Repositories

Version 1.0.45

  • Missing VMs will no longer cause the entire job to abort.
  • Allows configuration of SSH Port for non standard XenServer Installs
  • Improved the Backup to Storage Repository features
  • Added Backup to Mount Point feature.
  • Made viewing the Log files much easier.

Version 1.0.44

  • Added experimental option to License via a Proxy Server

Version 1.0.43

  • Fixed the missing ‘Load Defaults’ button on Emial setup..

Version 1.0.42

  • Changed the way Snapshots/Machine are deleted. This should avoid some issue people were having with XenServer not fully removing VDIs and leaving them orphaned on a system.

Version 1.0.41

  • Added sorting in the Jobs list.
  • Added the use of ‘Storage Repositories’ to the list of places a XenServer managed backup can use.
  • Added option to create sub folders in Xackup managed backups.
  • Fixed Success being reported on Email for some jobs when they had failed.
  • Fixed Failed being reported for all Xackup managed backup jobs.

Version 1.0.38

  • Added option to allow the XenServer to control the Backup Process. This may help if connection drop outs are causing you problems.

Version 1.0.37

  • Added option to specify which Networks a Restored or Migrated/Replicated machine uses.
  • Backups and Migration/Replications can now be made over a secure HTTPS connection.

Version 1.0.35

  • Snaphots will now only be taken when required. This will reduce the amount od space required on the source SR for Migrations/Replications and Backups
  • Added option to control machine state while Migrations/Replications and Backups are running.
  • Re organized UI for the new options mentioned above.
  • A few minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.33

  • Fixed names and ordering of Snapshots so that the right ones are removed during retention.
  • Fixed errors that occurred on x86 systems while performing the difference process.
  • An error on one VM will now no longer stop the entire backup process
  • Removed erroneous errors relating to tasks and hopefully to VBD deletion (its so hard to test)
  • Added better handling if a differential backup should happen to fail.
  • Re-factored Code to allow for server controlled Backups in a future release – this should help when XenServer decides to terminate the data connection early.

Version 1.0.31

  • Improved logging and E-Mail reports with Time stamps and Backup Sizes
  • Added option to control power states before Migration/Replication.

Version 1.0.29

  • Fixed Bug where Backup Tasks could not be deleted
  • Enhanced Email functionality for more flexibility (NOTE: You may have to edit/check your backup/migration jobs to get emails running properly again)

Version 1.0.28

  • Fixed Bug where Migration Tasks could not be edited or deleted
  • Fixed bug that cause storage choices to disappear on editing a task
  • Fixed bug causing Scheduled Tasks to never shut down correctly
  • Fixed bug that caused emails not to be sent correctly at the end of processing.
  • NEW !!! Added Email option and scheduled Migrations/Replications

Version 1.0.27

  • Fixed a bug for the ‘disappearing’ VMs after restore and migration/replication.

Version 1.0.26

  • Added options for Quiesced and Disk+Memory Snapshots.
  • Added ability to define and save a Replication/Migration Task (scheduling is next).
  • Improved Logging and Progress feedback.
  • Numerous bug fixes and UI enhancements.

Version 1.0.24

  • Added differential backup option for Elite license holders.
  • Added option to send emails when a Backup has completed.
  • Numerous bug fixes and UI enhancements.

Version 1.0.20/1

  • Ability to replace existing machines on Migrate or Restore if they already existed
  • Broken Backup jobs after adding ‘Snaphot’ only feature.
  • Various other issues fixed.

Version 1.0.19

  • Fixed bug that could allow the wrong Snapshots to be removed.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped multiple machines from being processed if one should fail.
  • Added update notifications.
  • Removed auto generation of  Backup Descriptions as it was annoying.

Version 1.0.18

  • Bug fix for removing Auto Snapshots after the retention period.

Version 1.0.17

  • Migrate VM’s between XenServers without having to Backup/Restore
  • Added a requested option to use Snapshots as a backup rather than export to a file system.
  • A few bug fixes.

Version 1.0.16

  • Backups no longer restore as Templates, regardless of running state.
  • Option to start the VM after restoring.

Version 1.0.14

  • Recompiled with various updates to code.
  • Removed VMWare options as they are no longer coming soon — they won’t be implemented in the near future. Sorry.

Version 1.0.13

  • Added ability to run Scripts,Batch Files, Executable or any process both before and after a Backup.

Version 1.0.11

  • Fixed creating tasks on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 machines.
  • Added CPU readout to processing meter.

Version 1.0.10

  • Fixed VM_POWER_STATE bug when processing VMs that are powered on
  • Added nice UI touches for progress and processing read out
  • Added ‘Description’ for saved Server Configurations

Version 1.0.9

  • Fixed clear text password bugs.

Version 1.0.8

  • Support for saving frequently used Backup Locations.
  • Support for saving frequently used servers.
  • Enabled multi-core/processor compression that can raise transfer speeds by up to 1000%. Our quad core test server went from 2.5 Mb/s to 22Mb/s using this method.
  • Backups are now created without requiring a snapshot. This enabled easier restoration of the machine.

Version 1.0.7

  • Closing processing window no longer forcefully stops the Backup.
  • Fixed errors that occurred when trying to run a newly edited or created job.
  • Added Job details screen.
  • Removed the VDI_IN_USE Error at the end of a backup.
  • Added application logging in ‘C:\ProgramData\Fungusware\XackupJobRunner\logs‘

Version 1.0.6

  • Initial BETA Release.